Volunteer Position: Business Intelligence & Optimization

Written on 08/27/2020
TravelScrum Team

Department: Marketing

Introduction: Take a vocation and help galvanize the doers and dreamers in the travel industry – to band together, to create a better tomorrow! Polish/expand your professional skills and broaden your network through a hands on experience, while advancing a meaningful cause in the process...

Key Objectives:

●      Design and develop an efficient company dashboard to measure KPI’s across mission critical teams (e.g. marketing, IT, business development, social engagement, etc.)

●      Identify and implement initiatives that will increase search visibility, streamline internal processes, and provide mission critical insights to critical workstreams to help make data-driven decisions.


●      Strong analytical skills. Must possess a natural curiosity/interest of data - what drives actions and results, cause and effect, testing various hypotheses, etc.

●      Familiarity with various reporting and analytics tools, general and/or specific (e.g. Google Analytics, Tableau, Cognos, Flurry, Countly, etc.)

●      Experience in search engine optimization

●      Experience and/or interest in Sales Planning (desired)

●      Experience and/or interest in Operations Research (desired)

Key Responsibilities:

●      KPI dashboard construction and management, taking input from various team leads to ensure a holistic view representative of all areas (marketing, finance, operations, tech)

●      SEO management through meta-tagging, backlink strategies, and other tactics to boost organic site traffic.

●      Assist with designing and improving process flows and funnel management (in donor development, mentor outreach, volunteer recruitment/retention, event participation, etc.).

Commitment Required:

●      4-8 hours per week (on average)

●      3-6 months assignment (may opt to continue thereafter if mutually agreed upon)