TravelScrum new appointment to board of directors
TravelScrum expands its governance leadership and appoints Lorraine Sileo, leading travel industry research analyst, to its board of directors
TravelScrum launches three initiatives
TravelScrum, the non-profit serving the world’s travel, tourism and hospitality industry, launches three initiatives to shape thought leadership, skills development and compassionate volunteerism in travel
TravelScrum Global Hackathon 2020 - The Plot (Part 1 of 3)
As the coronavirus sickened millions and cost the lives of hundreds of thousands, the pandemic shattered traveler and consumer confidence and halted everyday commerce in many sectors of the global economy. No industry was affected more widely than travel and tourism, which is responsible for at least 10 percent of global GDP and has an estimated 330 million jobs at risk. TravelScrum, Inc., a non-profit organization ,was launched in March, 2020 during the early days of a COVID-19 pandemic to help in the recovery efforts of travel industry. In parallel to organizing the non-profit business, the team of volunteers staged a virtual, global hackathon to “ready, fire, aim” innovative ideas and solutions directly at the effects of coronavirus, with three challenges in the call for action:
<T/S> Pilot White Paper: Travel Data Exchange
Another great example of how TravelScrum Pilot seeks to rethink traditional methods and norms within the travel industry.
TravelScrum Global Hackathon - 2020 - The Tools (Part 2 of 3)
Hackathons are a tech world favorite to stir innovation and fuel out of the box ideas by giving a break from the routine environment. Targeting developers, designers, entrepreneurs and anyone with a passion to create, they have led to the creation of many successful businesses .

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TravelScrum 2020 Media Kit

TravelScrum has published the official media kit/company intro. Please click/tap HERE to view.

Resources for the travel industry during the covid-19 pandemic...

So many good deeds are taking place throughout our industry, and we thought it would be helpful to highlight as many we could find... Please feel free to comment with any additional resources you believe should be noted, and we will be sure to update/add them. General: GBTA: Daily Travel & COVID

Moving Parts: How Corporate Travel Can Lead Us Back
Posted on 07/23/2020

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Meet Arun Prakash Senior Product Manager - Boeing
Posted on 06/20/2020

Meet Susan Lichtenstein - Mentor & Panelist!!
Posted on 06/20/2020

Thank you to all our mentors!!
Posted on 06/20/2020

TravelScrum Hackathon Awards Ceremony
Posted on 06/19/2020