Volunteer Position: IT Ops / Network Engineering

Written on 08/27/2020
TravelScrum Team

Department: Operations

Introduction: Take a vocation and help galvanize the doers and dreamers in the travel industry – to band together, to create a better tomorrow! Polish/expand your professional skills and broaden your network through a hands on experience, while advancing a meaningful cause in the process…

Key Objectives:

●      Central role in the growth, expansion, and general stability of our global online presence. 

●      Design, implement, and manage the framework for how the organization runs its end-to-end technical infrastructure.


●      Domain management & network administration

●      Capacity planning and stability management

●      Release management & system maintenance

●      IT security & risk assessment

●      Software procurement & deployment

●      Nice to have: knowledge of 3rd party plug-in/mgt (site/app)

Key Responsibilities:

●      Establish a framework by which we can leverage a network of volunteers to ensure a stable and scalable online presence (system alerts and uptime management)

●      Ensure appropriate domain network administration setup and protocols are in place

●      Coordinate with product/marketing team to assist in the activation of new modules that advance the capabilities of the organization and community (e.g. profile management)

●      Provide key recommendations on additional tools/utilities to support scalability, stability, and functionality that improve the online experience of all community personas.

Commitment Required:

●      4-8 hours per week (on average)

●      3-6 months assignment (may opt to continue thereafter if mutually agreed upon)