Volunteer Position: Creative Designer

Written on 08/27/2020
TravelScrum Team

Department: Marketing

Introduction: Take a vocation and help galvanize the doers and dreamers in the travel industry – to band together, to create a better tomorrow! Polish/expand your professional skills and broaden your network through a hands on experience, while advancing a meaningful cause in the process…

Key Objectives:

●      Enhance the <Trave/Scrum> global digital presence through the design and delivery of professional collateral, promotional tiles, infographics, animations, video vignettes, recruiting assets, and other supporting material that advance the movement.


●      High level of proficiency digital design tools (e.g. Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, InDesign, etc.)

●      Experience in working with content marketing teams, supporting the design work for social media marketing campaigns, online promotional catalogs, site banners, blog posts, etc.

●      Experience in working with cross functional teams, including but not limited to recruiting, business development (sponsor/donor outreach), marketing communications, etc.

●      Ideal, but not required – general experience in video editing (limited) in support of interviews and panels to be used for promotional purposes

●      Ideal, but not required – UI/UX experience to provide ad hoc support to online experience with community (sponsors, volunteers, mentors, event participants, etc.)

●      Strong communication skills, organization skills, results focused, team-oriented

Key Responsibilities:

●      Provide creative design assets that support the TravelScrum content calendar, including but not limited to promotion of online events, digital collateral for recruiting and sponsorships, social media campaigns, blog posts, etc.

●      Establish digital asset library, brand catalog, and an updated media kit for future use in various campaigns and community outreach activities

●      Provide creative counsel on general site layout, app design, and social presence

Commitment Required:

●      4-8 hours per week (on average)

●      3-6 months assignment (may opt to continue thereafter if mutually agreed upon)